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Highly curated PBN networks, run by people who actually owned (and ranked) their own websites before.


  • Low OBL
  • Traffic PBNs
  • Safe Report
  • Not Just WordPress
  • Niche PBNs
  • Authority Links
  • We Reject Unsuitable Websites

Other PBN Links

  • Spammed PBNs
  • Extremely High OBL
  • Unsafe Report
  • Only WordPress PBNs
  • PBNs that Cover Any Random Niche
  • No Authority Links
  • Any Website Is Accepted

Traffic PBNs

Most of our websites are getting organic traffic or, at least, have some organic keywords ranking. This is a synonym of a healthy website, unlike most PBNs.


While most PBNs out there have hundreds of outbound links, our PBNs have a max. OBL of 10 links, to keep PBNs healthy and maximize link juice.

Authority Links

To make our PBNs more authentic and natural, authority links to the most authoritative websites (Wikipedia, BBC, etc.) are naturally placed.

Niche PBNs

While we do have some generic PBN, most of our PBNs are niche-specific, to make link building more natural and powerful.

Not just WordPress

Just 55% of websites on the web use WordPress. However, when it comes to PBNs, most sellers only use WordPress as CMS. Not us: we use over 10 different CMS.

Different IPs

Of course, every PBN is hosted on a different IP. Some of them are hosted on popular hosting datacenters (GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, etc.) while others are using popular CDNs.

Get a PBN links report

Unlike other selles, you get a report with all live PBN Links, so you can be sure that we did what you paid us for. And, you can double-check the advertised PBN metrics and features yourself.

And don’t worry, providing live Links won’t make a difference when it comes to protecting a PBN network. HERE'S WHY!In the rare eventuality that Google would start purchasing PBN links to find – and de-index – PBN networks, they wouldn't need any report. They would just see the websites pointing at the domain they provided. Also, all our PBNs have authority links, and we reject websites with no-traffic. This makes it impossible to differentiate purchased links from authentic ones, and Google would have to penalize even the authority websites. Lastly, our max. OBL is 10. This means that even in the extremely unlikely scenario that a PBN gets de-indexed or caught, the collateral damage is minimal.

5 Years Guarantee

Each PBN link you buy has a free replacement guarantee, just in case. 

The cool thing is that within your user dashboard, you can check the live status of each link. This means that if the PBN link that you purchased gets removed, you (and us) will know immediately.

What niches you don't allow?

We hope you understand our business choice, but, to preserve quality and health of our PBNs, we don’t accept the following niches: Casino, gambling, adult, hacking, and illegal stuff.

Why you don't accept websites with zero traffic?

We want our PBNs to be absolutely natural, and the outbound link profile is essential for that goal. Linking to a website that pretty much nobody knows about, is not natural. Once your website starts hitting traffic, we will be happy to help it grow even further with our PBN links!

Can I see samples?

No. We have seen other sellers providing a complete list of all their PBNs, and have their customers to choose, but we think this is an unnecessary risk. However, rest assured that we will pick websites with as-advertised metrics and most suitable for your niche.

How many target links per PBN post can I use?

We allow just one target link per each PBN link you purchase. Meaning, one post = one link. In some cases, we may include authority links too. 

What about internal linking?

All our PBN posts and pages have internal linking for SEO reasons, and increase the websites’ ranking and health. As a result, your PBN post will also have some internal linking. Consider that each post will include internal linking to other pages, so, the website link juice will equally distribute over time.

Is buying PBN links safe?

Google has always tried to crack down on PBN links, and with the improvement of technology, their efforts will only become more successful. Their recent Google spam update already cracked down heavily on the ranking effect of most PBNs. However, if you buy PBN links from healthy, non-spammed websites that look like any other website, it is not only safe, but also highly effective.

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